The libraries section of the XML tells the launcher the libraries needed by Minecraft/Forge in order to run. While these libraries are generally only used by Forge, other mods/libraries may require libraries. The only such known and used case of that is Liteloader.

The admin panel makes this process extremely simple. In the sidebar there is a Forge Libraries Tool in the Tools section which makes getting this section done simple.

For more details on how that works, see the instructions on that page.

The Forge Libraries tool will download all the libraries needed and provide you with the XML you need so that you can just paste it in without having to need to do anything manually.

For those who want to get into what the XML does and things you can do with it, see below.

XML Syntax

    <library url="packs/Test/files/libraries/library-2.0.jar" download="server" file="library-2.0" md5="067cd2ab373ba916c62a9b2e5e2eb777" server="net/library/2.0/library-2.0" />
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