Partner Support Program

ATLauncher provides a Partner Support Program which is intended to help Minecraft server hosting companies by providing support for the packs on the ATLauncher. This system is still being tested and worked out, so please be aware that information regarding the Partner Support Program may change in the future.

What Do You Get?

Verified Partners receive the following:

  • Automatically created server zips for ModPacks which are up to date within minutes of the ModPack's new update being published.
  • Support for any server zip and issues regarding running servers and setting up templates to work with your system.
  • Your company will be listed on our 'Server Hosting' page on our website. We will not endorse your company beyond that or recommend it to anyone, it will simply be a list of Partners who have entered into this program to provide customers with access to ModPack's on the ATLauncher. (Coming at a later date)

What Does Verified Partner Mean?

In order to assure that we are only providing zips and promoting good hosting companies, we require that all server hosting companies that wish to enter the program verify their ownership of the company and that they are committed to provide this service to their customers. This is a one time process and is usually done by adding a TXT DNS entry or file on your website for validation and then generally just a simple chat to make sure that you're prepared and have systems in place to maintain updated packs for your system in a one click fashion.

For validation of a TXT DNS record just simply add the text 'ATLauncher-PSP-Verification' and for a website validation just make some plaintext file with 'ATLauncher-PSP-Verification' inside it

Can We Sponsor ATLauncher As An Official Partner?

Unfortunately we're not looking for an official partner at this time.

How Can I Join?

At the moment we're still testing the systems and welcome any feedback/suggestions. If you are interested then you can feel free to contact us

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