Pack Types

ATLauncher has 3 different types of packs: Public, Semi-Public and Private. Below is a run down of each.

Public Packs

Public packs are shown on the launcher by default and are the base packs we recommend and show to all users of the Launcher. Any pack wanting to become a public pack will need to be approved before getting in.

Semi-Public Packs

Semi-Public packs are the same as public packs but the pack doesn't show in the Launcher by default. Users must enter the packs code into the Launcher in order to access the pack.

Partnered Twitch streamers and YouTubers with more than 50k subscribers can get this pack type without any additional approval needed by the ATLauncher team.

Private Packs

Private packs are only for users who the pack author has specifically said can access the pack. This is most used for private servers.

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