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 +====== OAuth Information ======
 +ATLauncher allows you to authorize users who have ATLauncher Admin accounts using OAuth 2.
 +====== Getting Credentials ======
 +At the moment this system is closed off so you won't be able to get client/​secret id's to use this. Once we're finished testing and implementing everything, this will change.
 +====== Authorization ======
 +To get a client token for a user you must redirect the user to the following url:
 +    https://​admin.atlauncher.com/​oauth/​authorize?​client_id=(client id here)&​redirect_uri=(redirect url here)&​response_type=code&​scope=(comma separated scope/s here)
 +This will prompt the user to login/​authorize the your application and show them the scope of your access.
 +If authorized it will redirect back to your redirect url with a GET code paramater which you must then make a POST request to the following url:
 +    https://​admin.atlauncher.com/​oauth/​access_token
 +And it must contain the following POST data:
 +    client_id (the client id of your application)
 +    client_secret (the secret id of your application)
 +    code (the code GET parameter from above)
 +    grant_type (this should be set to '​authorization_code'​)
 +    redirect_uri (the redirect url of your application)
 +If the request and code is valid you'll receive a JSON response like the following:
 +    {
 +        "​access_token":​ "​YS9M8ySAIyLs6PqDM6XT7GMIXaJHwny4sjp7EIUr",​
 +        "​token_type":​ "​Bearer",​
 +        "​expires_in":​ 3600
 +    }
 +====== Scopes ======
 +Below you can find the scopes you can use and what they provide:
 +verify: Verifies a users account. Doesn'​t give you any information,​ used merely to check account or access oauth protected endpoints.
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