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 +====== JourneyMap ======
 +ATLauncher has been given permission by Mark for permission to Direct Link to the downloads of JourneyMap for versions 3.3.2 and later.
 +Please note that this doesn'​t mean you can redistribute it, you can only directly link to the provided links on the [[http://​minecraft.curseforge.com/​projects/​journeymap-32274/​files|JourneyMap download page]]
 +===== Example XML =====
 +This is an example of setting up JourneyMap to download directly from CurseForge.
 +    <mod name="​JourneyMap"​ version="​5.1.5"​ url="​http://​minecraft.curseforge.com/​projects/​journeymap-32274/​files/​2285371/​download"​ download="​direct"​ />
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