Response Codes

The API returns a code integer with every request made. This indicates the status code of your request, which can mean multiple things. See below for a breakdown of good and bad response codes.

Good Response Codes

Code Meaning
200 Everything was fine, no data needed to be saved
202 Everything was fine, the action specified was completed

Bad Response Codes

Code Meaning
400 An error occured. Check the message field for more details
401 You are not authorized to access this resource. Check your API Key
402 No API version given. All requests must be prefaced with the API version such as /v1/
404 The resource your looking for wasn't found
406 JSON Error. The JSON you sent to the server was either invalid or it was not what we're expecting
407 Pack Error. There was an issue with the request and your pack. Please check the message for more details
428 Your API Key is no longer valid as your account has been banned
429 You've exceeded your daily request allowance. Stop or you will be banned
503 We're currently down for maintainance. Try your request again later
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