PSP Pack Version Object

A PSP Pack Version Object is an object returned from the API which contains information about a pack's version in the Partner Support Program. The details about what data it provides is listed below.

Returned Data (Represented by $object)

Name Type Description
$object→version string The Version
$object→minecraftVersion string The Minecraft Version
$object→published int The unixtime this version was published
$object→changelog string The changelog for this version
$object→recommended string If this version is recommended or not
$object→serverJar string The filename of the jar set by the pack to launch the server (Forge/MCPC etc) for your records if you use custom startup parameters or replace it with your own jar for example
$object→serverMD5 string The MD5 sum of the zip file for this versions server files
$object→serverDownloadLink string The direct download link to download this versions server files valid for 10 minutes
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