Partner Support Program API (v1)

The Partner Support Program API (v1) has limited functionality at this time but will be developed as time goes on and users of the API provide feedback and suggestions.

To start with please make sure you have your PSP API Key and have read through the main API Information page as well as the different routes in the sidebar to the left.

Also make sure you've read our PSP Information page to understand a bit about the program.

PLEASE NOTE While this is production ready, please note that sometimes there may be some issues, so if you encounter any issues, please contact us about it so we can fix it up.

General Rules/Guidelines

When using this system please remember to cache and confirm.

Cache all downloads from the system and don't redownload them every single time a client requests a template. Also confirm every download with the MD5 sum provided. While most server zip's will not change after generating, using the MD5 returned from the JSON response will help you determine 100% if it needs to be redownloaded.

Possible Downsides

Unfortunately due to the way the ATLauncher works, packs have optional mods and browser download mods. While the system takes care of the browser download mods 99% of the time, there is sometimes the case where it doesn't and delays the creation of a new versions zip.

Also in regards to optional mods, we only provide the mods which a pack has set as required mods and also optional mods which are marked as recommended. We plan to support on the fly optional mods creation in the future, but for now this is a fact. I imagine most people will click the 'Select Recommended' button on the launcher anyway, so that's what we decided to go with.

Older versions of Minecraft aren't supported, only 1.6 and above. Also some packs such as SolitaryCraft are disabled simply due to the fact that it is made as a pick and choose pack not designed for this system.

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