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 +====== Admin Pack File Object ======
 +An Admin Pack File Object is an object returned from the API which contains information about a file/folder stored in your packs files area. The details about what data it provides is listed below.
 +====== Returned Data (Represented by $object) ======
 +^ Name ^ Type ^ Description ^
 +| $object->​filename | string | The filename of the file/folder |
 +| $object->​size | int | The size of the file in bytes (won't show up if it's a folder) |
 +| $object->​md5 | string | The md5 hash of the file (won't show up if it's a folder) |
 +| $object->​path | string | The path to the file for use in your XML (won't show up if it's a folder) |
 +| $object->​file | boolean | If this object represents a file (will be true) or a folder (will be false) |
 +| $object->​__LINK | string | The link to this file or folder in the API |
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