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 +====== Action ======
 +A Action is an action to be taken in order to construct a server for a pack.
 +====== Stages ======
 +While singular, these actions will come in an array and should be followed in the order that they'​re given. You may run multiple actions at a time to speed the process up, IF, and ONLY IF, the '​stage'​ variable is the same. If the stage is different, they you should halt until all actions from that stage are complete.
 +The stages are:
 +  - Libraries (including the Minecraft server jar which CANNOT be renamed)
 +  - Mods
 +  - XML Actions (there may or may not be anything in this stage)
 +  - Configs
 +How you implement this is up to you.
 +====== Returned Data (Represented by $object) ======
 +^ Name ^ Type ^ Description ^
 +| $object->​stage | int | The stage of this action (see above) |
 +| $object->​url | string | The URL of the download for this action |
 +| $object->​md5 | null %%||%% string | The MD5 of this file, or null if there is no known MD5 |
 +| $object->​directory | string | Where this file should be downloaded to with the root directory being '/'​. This will ALWAYS have a trailing '/'​ |
 +| $object->​extract | boolean | If this file needs to be extracted in it's directory |
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