A Action is an action to be taken in order to construct a server for a pack.


While singular, these actions will come in an array and should be followed in the order that they're given. You may run multiple actions at a time to speed the process up, IF, and ONLY IF, the 'stage' variable is the same. If the stage is different, they you should halt until all actions from that stage are complete.

The stages are:

  1. Libraries (including the Minecraft server jar which CANNOT be renamed)
  2. Mods
  3. XML Actions (there may or may not be anything in this stage)
  4. Configs

How you implement this is up to you.

Returned Data (Represented by $object)

Name Type Description
$object→stage int The stage of this action (see above)
$object→url string The URL of the download for this action
$object→md5 null || string The MD5 of this file, or null if there is no known MD5
$object→directory string Where this file should be downloaded to with the root directory being '/'. This will ALWAYS have a trailing '/'
$object→extract boolean If this file needs to be extracted in it's directory
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